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bring home the point all he said the cia and russia was going fine tune the new members of the federation. dr ian and sue basketball. we went to bed. boston police said one hundred thousand people. just wait for the damage of state to the opposition and human rights groups also held demonstrations eight russians he said. russia's foreign secretary sir gay club broke the school the meal authorities in kiev to hold talks with pro moscow sept taste in eastern ukraine. it comes as ukraine's interim president alexander touching office conceded that these forces are helpless to quell the unrest in donetsk and arms. the frost request the negotiations came while on a visit to peru. russia believes that a dialogue between your priorities in kiev and their opponents can be established within the framework of the organization for security and cooperation in uluru. we hope that all partners all western colleagues of the ukrainians to establish this dialogue without impediment. overnight in kiev ukraine stake dogs that responsible for the secure worthy of administered to buildings ar
into the background. the peninsula, which was annexed by russia last month, was not even a topic of discussion at the recent peace talks in geneva. positions simply differ too much, but the inhabitants of crimea are faced with a lot of uncertainty as far as their everyday lives are concerned. which schoolbooks will pupils have an future, for example. which national league will be crimea in football clubs play and? who will supply the land with electricity? curators of a museum are concerned about the antique gold treasure, which they lent out to a museum in amsterdam. the precious pieces were supposed to have been returned. >> they were mysterious people, nomadic horsemen. they had no writing, left no written legacy, but they did leave fabulous treasures, magnificent garments, and skillfully worked vessels for the knowledge is -- for archaeologists to find in burial mounds. the citizens carved out their mound on the steps north of the black sea. a traveling exhibition of crimean artifacts has landed in amsterdam, and right in the middle of the ukrainian-russian conflict. >> we've got a problem
could save you 15% or more. >>> president obama announced more sanctions against russia over ukraine but getting an agreement with europe has not been easy. is it too little to late to get vladimir putin to change his policy? chuck todd is traveling with the president and filed this report for us on the sanctions and latest from the philippines. >> good evening from manila. the president is now asleep after having his third state dinner from four nations on this week-long trip to asia. this one his first visit to the philippines as president. this had to do with a new basing disagreement. for years the u.s. used to have a lot of military to military contacts here in the philippines and that went away over the last 20 years. this is renewing it, a 10-year deal and you will have now more of a u.s. military presence here in the philippines. this asia pivot that the president has been pushing, really has the focus in many ways had been on the economic side but there's also been an expansion of the u.s. military footprint a few years ago there was a basing agreement made in australia and
many are trading with russia. 40% of russian traders trade with europe. so if we move this to russia, russia will retal -- >> we live in the neighborhood, the global neighborhood. and that's why this decision is so hard because what is clear politically is not consistent economically. all right. we are going to take a break, and when we come back, i want to ask you about -- will you say new normal for me? >> new normal. the boys from pepco think they are still there, and am i reading this? go back down. >> we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll have much more from muhammad alerian. much more right after the break. ♪ "first day of my life" by bright eyes ♪ you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. ♪ >>> game of thrones continues. doesn't that sound like -- what is that? >> rome? >> the guy at the beginning, sounds just like him. do you watch? >> i do. >> at the beginning, all the things moving around. we'll go back to our special guest, former pimco cio and the chief economic adviser and member of the international execu
sanction on russia as soon as tomorrow. because of its failure to de-escalate the situation in ukraine. for the latest we bring in fox news live from eastern ukraine. leland. >> chris, the president has been trying to walk a very fine line in this crisis keeping the europeans involved with these sanctions, while at the same time making the sanctions tough enough that moscow notices it and perhaps walks back some of the threats to invade ukraine. he spoke to that point earlier today. sfroo we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees that the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a u.s., russian conflict. >> this tough talk has not changed many on the ground. the pro-russian separatists still hold a number of hostages, including eye group of international monitors that they paraded out in front of a press conference today calling them "prisoners of war." the russian foreign minister has said she will try and help get these people freed and use his country's influence. so far that is proved to either be an empty
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. in the next town, artemisk, a demonstration in favor of russia. it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines. pro-russians, control the government building in donetske, they had an unexpected visitor one of russia's most wealthy men, now trying to mediate in ukraine. but they call him a tak take itr antaketraitor andtell him to go. in donetske, took over the television station. and the police, such allies of the government in kyiv, stood by and watched it happen. but the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. the days of the dead when the people go to meet their ancestors' spirits, natalia wonders. >> my relatives would be shocked if they could see what was happening. they would say you have to fight for our blood, in ukraine. my brother lives in russia and i live here. i'm worried my son will be taken into the army. >> she's part of the silent majority that wants peace. a majority that feels powerless to stop the drift. barnaby phillips, ukraine. >>> tens of thousan
western countries prepare to impose new sanctions on russia as early as tomorrow. eight foreign observers being held for three days by pro-russian militants suddenly appeared at a news conference today. our report from nbc's jim maceda in ukraine. >> reporter: they look like prisoners of war, but these were envoys of peace, eight military observers from the osce abducted on friday and paraded today under armed guard. >> we have no indication when we will be sent home to our countries and to see our families. >> reporter: one hostage was freed for medical reasons, but the rest have become the latest weapon in the insurgents' arsenal. "the key of junta," he said, "is holding a number of our allies. so if possible, we're ready for an exchange." flexing their muscles, militants in donetsk tried to commandeer the local tv station and force it to broadcast a russian channel. the militants left when engineers convinced them it couldn't be done. both sides, pro-russian and pro-ukraine forces preparing for war. at this border crossing, ukrainian soldiers make sandbags to beef up their defensive po
. the league has owners from india, russia, south-east asia, they are a global league. they view race relations differently. when you see something like this come out and it goes global and viral, they are looking at how the commission will deal with this. they think about do they want to be a part of something like this. the league is trying to go global. >> smith thought a boycott would not be a good idea and fans should wait for the investigation. now to the crisis in ukraine. pro-russian supporters took over a television station. germany is condemning the parading of european observers kidnapped on friday. pro-russian militias released one, several others are in custody. russian militia captured three ukrainian special forces officers and they, too, were shown to the media. barnaby phillips has more from near donetsk in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: the european military observers were paraded before cameras by the self-ponded major -- appointed mayor of slovyansk, vechislav ponomaryov. they are in no position to complain about what happened to them. >> we are not prisoners of war, but the
against russia is not enough to deter russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: good evening, harris, for the fifth straight day, this asia trip was dominated by the crisis in ukraine. the president again vowing there will be consequences for russian president vladimir putin as the u.s. prepares another round of u.s. sanctions aimed at russia that could be unveiled back in the united states as early as tomorrow. but at a news conference here in malaysian. the president was pressed why he was not working forward with or without european allies on so-called sectoral sanctions. the president pushed back by saying this. >> we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a u.s.-russian conflict. >> reporter: now a series of top republicans in recent days have been charging for all the president's talk these sanctions have simply not changed the calculus for vladimir putin. >> what i fear is all we're doing is tweaking votes and i'm very concerned as we've seen from this admin
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. >> in the next town, a demonstration in favor of russia it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines russians control room the buildings. they had an unexpected visito, once one of members of the jury before he fell out with vladimir putin, now trying to mediate. they call him a traitor and tell him to go away. in donetsk armed pro-russians took over the t.v. station. the ukrainian police, such unreliable allies of the government in kiev stood by and watched it happen. the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. this is the day of the dead, when people go to meet their ancestors' spirits. nat natalia warns her dead relatives and wonders what they would make of all of this chaos >> translator: my relatives would be shocked if they could see what is happening. they would say: you have to fight for ukraine. my brother lives in russia, and i live here. i am afraid of war, and a war that my son will be taken into the army. >> she is part of the silent majority th
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for the pro-russia rebels said no others will be released on sunday. they were all paraded before a group of foreign journalists early on sunday morning. speaking on behalf of the group, watched, colonel schneider from germany said there had been no wrong treatment. >> i can tell you that the work the word of is a -- the mayor is a word of honor. we have not been touched, and we have been treated as the maximum extent, which is possible, under thie circumstances. >> schneider rejected allegations the inspectors were nato spies, saying that they were in ukraine on a diplomatic mission. mayor hasppointed said the observers might be released in exchange for jailed activists. we understand that the soldiers are hostages of the situation. three members of ukraine's security service have been captured. the armed insurgents claim they are on a mission to save the latest of the pro-russian force. they, too, were presented to the press but only to russian journalists. is seeking then release of all captives. beenr correspondent has covering events and joins us on the line. wasswedish observer rele
in eastern ukraine. >> russia has not lifted a finger to help. in fact, there's strong evidence they have been encouraging the kinds of activities that have been taking place. >> more u.s. sanctions could come as early as tomorrow. >>> in an unprecedented ceremony, two of the most beloved hopes have entered sainthood as nearly a million catholics from around the world packed into st. peter's square in rome. john paul ii and john xxiii were men who bore witness to god's mercy. after the formal ceremony, pope francis climbed into the pope mobile, a chance for him to get closer to some of the many faithful who flocked to rome. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom and we'll start with a story that has really gripped the nation today. an nba owner's reported remarks have ignited around the country. donald sterling's comments were recorded by his then girlfriend and later obtained by tmz. he was telling his girlfriend to stop posting images online showing her with black athletes. this photo, this is the one, this is what tmz sports says sparke
to sterling at this point? >> it goes beyond the american borders. the league has owners from india, russia, south-east asia and it is a global league. they view our race relations in the united states differently. when you see something like this come out and it goes global and viral, they are looking at how the commissioner will deal with this. they think about it differently. do they want to be a part of something like this, and the league is trying to go global. >> charles smith former l.a. clippers player, thank you for coming in. >>> we had our first look at european observers being head. captives made them available to reporters. one was freed, the rest are under arrest. barnaby phillips has the details. . >> reporter: the european observers were paraded before the cameras. they are in no position to complain about what has happened. >> we are not prisoners of war, we are the guests of mayor vechislav ponomaryov. and we are treated as such. >> at least they were able to show their families they are alive and well. later, an observer from sweden was released on grounds of ill health.
. >> collectively us and the europeans have said that so long as russia are continues down the path of oh provocation rath arer than trying to deescalate there will be consequences. they will continue to grow. >> i want to bring in congressman engel, ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. just returned from ukraine. let's start with president obama. there is talk about consequences. what kind of consequence is he the talking about? what consequences do russia face? >> talk thing about sanctions. what putin is doing is dangerous. the world cannot sit by. if the world does, nato is dead. nato has to react. there are countries in the area that are worried about putin stirring up russians in the country. >> are are the stiffer sanctions which are going to take effect, can they change the calculus. >> iran is now sitting down and negotiating with the united states in the west. we imposed sanctions on them. the sanctions hurt their economy. they are essentially brought to your knees and russia will face the same if putin continues the aggression. >> you got back from the crew yan. i u
. this as growing concerns over whether russia will continue to defy the international community and move ahead with its own troops. let's go now to ukraine where leland vister is standing by wih more. >> reporter: uma, just in the past few minutes we have learned from the pro-russian stronghold that one of those international observers was released on medical grounds. we're not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but there's a spokeswoman for the pro-russian militia that says none of the other observers are going anywhere. today they were paraded out in front of the media at a press conference of sorts. the leader of that pro-russian separatist militia called them, quote, prisoners of war, and was holding them and wanted to exchange them for some of his supporters being held by the ukrainian government in kiev. so far no deal on that front. the russian foreign minister has said that he plans to try and help get these guys released. once again though it appears the russians promises have not been made good on as this has been status quo as this crisis continues. day three right now of the
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, then they need to get serious about it, and so far the sanctions that have been imposed on russia are not serious. the prospect is the ones to be announced tomorrow will not be serious either, and, therefore, will have no effect. >> you talk about serious action. what do you think we should do. we have a point about the economy. standard & poor's cut their rating on friday. the interest rates are now 7.5% and the russian stock market is down 14.5% and putin just like says so what. >> two things. number one. what's causing the economic impact in russia is not the sanctions. it's the uncertainty and risk associated with the conduct of military operations in and around ukraine. you know the own payment, capital is a coward, the greatest pacifist in the world are capitalists who don't like the risk. let's also not forget that the economy and ukraine is going into the tank as well. so i think putin calculates that whatever the wounds he's suffering economically, temporary and can be overcome. which is why if the west is serious it needs to up its game, both politically and economically. >> we've got t
the nation," the president issues a new warning to russia over ukraine, and in the middle east, a surprised announcement from the palestinian side. is it an overture to restart the peace talks? we'll start there with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll have the latest from ukraine and get the take on that from the administration and capitol hill. plus, former presidential candidate rick santorum on georgia's new gun law and a unique event in catholic church history. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> schieffer: and good morning again. the peace talks in the middle east between the israelis and the palestinians broke down last week when mahmoud abbas announced his group was reuniting with ham as, an organization it's united states and israel branded a terrorist group. well, today on the eve of holocaust remembrance day, abbas issued a statement decrying the killing of 6 million jews and saying the holocaust was the most heinous crime against humanity in modern history. in the middle east where many deny the holocaust even happened,
states and then the soviet union and now russia. all of this is interrelated. nevertheless, the united states is a big player in asia. the ukraine situation demands attention. vladimir putin is plotting his next moves. the united states has taken a tough stand, but putin isn't listening. we may have an economic war that gets deeper now, which will have pretty wide affects, and the president is trying to manage that very carefully. >> all right, david, appreciate the time. we'll talk with you in a little built to see what else you have coming up on "meet the press" this morning. >> thanks, erica. >> let's go to jenna for a look at the other stores this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the latest on that ferry disaster in south korea. the country's prime minister announced his resignation today over the government's handling over the april 16th sinking. the tragedy has left more than 300 people dead or missing. >>> president obama was in malaysia today where he addressed the recent missing jetliner, saying the u.s. will continue to aid in its search. the president made t
between russia and ukraine. >> and peter doocy is joining us live from washington, d.c. with all the details. good morning, peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you overnight the president said they need to place new sanctions on russia together as part of the unified effort because president obama says if this becomes the united states versus russia conflict, the impact of the sanctions won't be felt as much. >> oftentimes they are really interested in portraying this through this old cold war prism, when in fact that's not what the issue is here. the issue is respecting basic international norms of sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> reporter: as the conflict between ukraine and russia boils over, the underwater search for malaysia flights 370 continues. and even though millions of dollars worth of american time and equipment haven't produced any tangible results yet, top officials in malaysia are very grateful. >> on this journey, we are thankful for the united states and our friendship. over the past two months, the strength of our relationship has been
sees the world is unified. >> the u.s. president sends another warning to russia to stop meddling in the east of ukraine. >>> south korea's prime minister resigns following criticism of the government's handling of the ferry disaster. >>> south africans mark 20 years of democracy, the end of apartheid - but how much much has things really changed? >>> two of the leading catholic popes of the 20th century have been declared saints in rome. this is the scene live. let's have a look there. that's the vatican, st. peter's square in rome. pope francis declared pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii saints at a special mass, which is under way. there, in the midst of everything going on is our correspondent for al jazeera. jonah. >> reporter: they are now officially saints, john paul ii and st. john xxiii, pope francis proclaiming the two late popes as saints using these words "we declare and define blessed john xxiii and john paul ii be saints, we enrol them among the saints decreeing they be veperrated as such by the search. that was the moment that the faithful came to see, watching i
survived when the polish state had been literally have l apart by russia and others. and that gave john paul ii a distinctive view of history. unlike those who imagine that politics drives history, or economics drives history or some combination of politics and economics drives history, john paul ii believes that culture drives history, and that the card of culture is religious faith. that's what he deployed in those remarkable nine days in june of 1979 when in a sense he restored back to the polish people their identity. the truth about themselves. and told them they'd find tools of resistance that tyranny could not match in that reclamation of their identity. and, of course, the solidarity movement was born 13 months later, and the revolution of '89 unfolded over the next decade. >> and he was such a -- >> so that distinctive polish experience of culture first. >> and he had such a connection with young people. i understand that we may have a picture -- yes, we do -- from poland. these images you're seeing from the vatican certainly being watched with keen into in john paul ii's nativ
presidential election but not by enough to avoid a runoff promising to help russia says it will do what it can to secure the release of the team's national observance held by pro moscow rebels in ukraine. still building supplements and release of prisoners the palestinian president gives israel the us conditions. resumption of peace talks. welcome back once we get news are going to loose balls. thank you to join us. the deal with the latest on the afghan presidential election when full preliminary results were released by the independent election commission the north side today. and as expected the former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is in the lead with just under forty five percent all the facts but that's not the fifty percent needed in order to avoid a runoff and second places the ex world bank economists in the form of finance them is that i shot crimea on the inside with around thirty one point five percent of the bible those results will be finalized in mid may will be followed by a rival fifteen days off to travel from all we can speak not to honey pack emu is a need for such on a
seven countries agreed to move quickly in both new sanctions against russia. and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are converging on the ground with a double penetration of the late pope john paul the second and john twenty the in eastern ukraine ap international group of observers there holding captive include soldiers and finds the organization for security and cooperation in europe as the negotiators to slow the chance to try and secure their teams relief russia has also said it will help free the observers but the fact that if they aren't backing down. we'll talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment but first we have this report these moms are russian gunman appeared to have no intention of touching the osce observers to commence they say there's a prisoner swap the separatists being held by ukraine. today claiming bank kept its well working and spines. they have no relation to any osce mission. as we found maps on them containing information about the location about checkpoints. we get the impression that the officers carrying on a spying mission giving me the thing is stil
. >> as the west is preparing new sanctions for russia, the u.s. deployed a 150 troops. they are at the ready in case the violence is spilling beyond the borders. 600 troops from the u.s. are being sent to the region. gunman are proposing a prisoner swap, russianing captured 8 observers yesterdays and accused of spying. we have the latest now. >> on both sides of eastern ukraine, funerals are becoming political events, this time pro russian separatists laying a here row to rest. in the town, killed by the ukraine soldiers two days ago now a martar for the cause. >> ukraine is with russia. >> it is also that the observers being held by the pro russian gunman and saying that to release them is in exchange for the government in kiev that is holding a number of russian activists. >> prisoners are always coins of exchange during a war. it is international practice to swap prisoners. >> as you can see there is no sign that the pro russian groups are giving up the control, the barricades are still up. over here to see the other side of life in the east, because for most of the people things are goin
, the president is dealing with the crisis in ukraine and russia. that has become a full-time job for this president. >> the timing is very interesting, because, you know, flight 370. how much of flight 370, this mystery, is hanging over this visit? what has the president said about it? >> reporter: he gave an interview to a major malaysian newspaper in which he said the u.s. is going to continue to contribute assets as part of the search for that plane and he also said -- it was interesting to hear this, don, because we haven't really heard the president talk about this -- he said going forward, perhaps it's time to start looking at the lessons learned. a bit of a acknowledgment of the intense criticism that has been leveled against this government, not only here in malaysia but internationally. it was interesting to hear the president say that. but the criticism, if there even was any in i in that comment, was very, very soft and it did not persuade the king of this country from honoring the president and the united states and what they have contributed to this effort to find th
donbas. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas >> it's also in slovyansk that the european militariary observers are being held by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way the observers could be released would be in exchange for the governments of kiev holding a number of pro-russian activists >> prisoners have always been pawns to exchange during times of war. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. there is nothing scary about it. >> this is the administration center in donetsk, and as you can see, there is no sign of pro-russian groups are giving up their control. their barricades are still up. let's go over here and see the other side of life in the east because for most people, things are going on as normal. they might be ang. they are keeping to themselves. >> that's the same not just in donetsk but across eastern ukraine. >> kiev, they were marking a grim an accompanies re, 28 ye s years. it was event did on the eastern border that occupied the politicians who came to this event. >> translator: if russia continues its aggression and ignores decisions made during negotiati
. >>> to ukraine now. chaotic situation continues to unfold. a phone call today between russia's foreign minister and secretary of state john kerry, russia stressed that ukraine must cease military operations against pro russian separatists in the eastern part of the country and those groups have seized land and government buildings and refuse to lead. the active prime minister commented while traveling in rome. >> we ask russia to pull back its security forces, not to provoke and not to support russia in eastern and southern ukraine. we ask russia to leave us alone. >> the observers are tasked with implementing an international deal signed nine days ago in switzerland. >>> nevada rancher took on the feds but his fighting words have outraged and offended lots of people even as they have won him some spourerupporters. that is straight ahead. >>> the president could hardly have found a more troubling time to visit malaysia. we are live with the latest on his trip to asia straight ahead. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game s
. meanwhile, moves have been made to quickly impose new sanctions against russia. and in rome, preparations are underway for the double canonization of pope john paul pope john xxiii. pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine say the international group of observers they are holding captive includes soldiers and spies. to secures are trying their release. russia has said it will help free the observers but the separatists are not backing down. we will talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment, but first we have this report. >> the pro-russian government appear to have no intention of letting the osce observers go. they are claiming their captives were working as spies. have no relation to any osce mission. indicatingps on them the location of our checkpoint. we get the impression they are officers carrying out a spy mission. >> the 13 member german led team of military observers was traveling under the auspices of the osce when they were detained on friday. a spokesman for the organization confirmed that germany is leading negotiations for their release. >> it's a bilateral mission
against russia. european xdiplomats are said to have an emergency meeting on monday. they are talking about deescalating tensions on the ground. secretary of state john kerry and his continuerpart spoke on the phone and asked to stop ukrainian actions against pro-russian demonstrators. the prime minister cut short a trip to italy because of the tensions in the east. >> russian military aircraft, today at 9:00 crossed and violated ukrainian airspace for seven times. russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> also, from moscow, promising to help release european monitors in eastern ukraine. more on that >> reporter: on both sides, funerals are becoming political events. this time, it was pro-russian sep rat te separatists laying a hero to rescue in slovyansk, killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cau cause. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas. >> it's also in slovyansk that the observers are being held by pro-russian gunmen who said one
. >>> and president obama visits a country tormented by a missing plane but russia is becoming a major distraction for the president. what the president is saying about all of it. >>> let's begin in washington. president obama is out of town on his four-country tour of asia. but the crisis in ukraine is moving very quickly. and we're learning new details about what the u.s. and other countries plan to do next. erin mcpike is at the white house even though the president is traveling. so, erin, what is the latest on the u.s. response to the situation where ukraine and russia? it continues to bubble. >> basically it's simply more sanctions. although we haven't seen a deterrent effect yet as we've been talking about today we did see a russian aircraft enter ukrainian airspace overnight. the state department is insi insisting that it's working. i want to play for you something that jen psake said yesterday. >> we are seeing an impact. we've seen even president putin admit this week that there is an impact on the russian economy from the steps we've taken. >> and the united states has been trying to con
to impose new sanctions on russia. good afternoon, i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaw in for gregg jarrett. armed pro-russian separatists now are holding a group of international observers and accusing them of being nato spies. we're streaming live from donetsk, ukraine, with the latest. leland? >> reporter: hi, eric. those pro russian separatists now say they will exchange these international observers for a number of separatists being held by the ukrainian government. the government is firing back saying the observers are being held as human shields inside the pro russian stronghold, besieged by ukrainian soldiers. the soldiers, though, have not moved into the town, really out of fear of the amount of civilian casualties that would have to occur if they were going to go door to door and try to root out the separatists who are extremely well-armed. the russian foreign minister for his part says he is going to do what he can in order to help free the international observers who are being held. many will tell you that the russians in this are truly the puppeteers who have said in the past t
has imposed a fresh new round of sanctions on russia to take effect monday. nbc's peter alexander is in kuala lumpur with more. peter? >> reporter: craig, good day to you. president obama arrived here this saturday, the first american president to come to malaysia since lbj in 1966, nearly 50 years passing since that time. he was welcomed with a red carpet. he was greeted during a state dinner by the malaysian king, who thanked president obama and the americans for their continued support and efforts to find mh-370. that jetliner that's been missing now for more than a month, an investigation that's confounded folks in this country for that period of time. tomorrow, president obama will be a part of a news conference with prime minister in this country, where he's likely to be asked a series of new questions about the status of sanctions against russia. on saturday, american leaders alongside g-7 leadership insisted they will impose new sanctions on russia as a result of its failure to crackdown on separatists in eastern ukraine. the white house says those new sanctions could come
promising penalties for russia saying we have committed to act urgently toance fie targeted sanctions due to the cost of russia's actions. they cut short a trip to italy today citing escalating tensions with russia. >> russian military aircraft today crossed and violated ukrainian air space for seven times. it's clear that russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability. to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> meanwhile, in an effort to calm things down, moscow promises to help win the release of european monitors who are being held captive by pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. al jazeera's barnaby phillips has more from danask right near the russian border. >> on both sides funerals are political events. this time it was pro-russian separatists laying a hero to rest. in the town of slow yafk is now a martyr for the cause. >> long live dabansk. >> it's also in slow yank. >> they're not observers. they're spying. >> the barricades are still up. let's go over here and see the other side of life in the east.
was annexed by russia last month was not even a topic of discussion at the recent peace talks in geneva positions simply to fifteen knots. bought the incompetence of crimea faced with a lot of uncertainty as scars that the data lines are concerned with school books for people's having pizza for example. what's next will equal the two ukrainian football clubs play in. and he will supply the region with electricity. russia or ukraine. the curators of the museum in crimea are concerned about the teak gold shares to which they meant cartoon museum in amsterdam the precious pieces with a post up in the tent i recipients were missed to speak. they were nomadic last month i had no right to left no written legacy. but they did leave indiscretions magnificent garments. and skill to what vessels archaeologists find in burial mounds on crimea the city and took it has to cost up to rome on the steppes north of the black sea. the traveling exhibition of crimean defense has landed in amsterdam. then right in the middle of the ukrainian russian contacts. isn't it romantic style. when we got a problem
that russia is gearing up to invade. the kremlin has now ended high level contact with the white house with the pentagon even saying chuck hagel's russian count count counterpart won't even pick up the phone now and a team now tries to secure the release of four military observers. joining us now with the latest, leeland vitter. >> certainly everyone in this crisis seems to be digging in for a long battle and doubling down on their tensions and hostility inside the pro russian stronghold has certainly increased greatly in the past 48 hours and the fact they have taken this team hostage has made everyone here a lot more concerned and jumpy. the big question is not only if these folks are going to be released, but more importantly, are they going to be used as human shields or already being used as human shields to prevent the military from moving across the outskirts of the town they have now laid siege to to try to kick the pro russian accept ratists out. so far, the military has not yet made that move. they say out of the fear of civilian deaths that could occur if there was that batt
could come against russia as early as monday. also overshadowed by those mideast peace talks that fell apart earlier this week. >> speaking of earlier this week, the president of course visiting south korea. what was his message there. >> well, he reaffirmed the united states commitment to south korea and also had more strong words, stern warning for north korea. essentially saying north korea would only become more isolated if it engaged in further incidents like the nuclear test. >> north korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more isolation. it's not a sign of strength. anybody can make threats. anyone can move an army. anyone can show off a missile. that doesn't make you strong. it does not lead to security or opportunity or respect. those things don't come through force. they have to be earned. >> president obama also thanked american troops who are stationed in south korea. he spoke to them before he left the country and also offered his condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in that ferry accident in south korea. alex. >> okay, th
to act urgently to intentionfy targeted measures to increase the cost of russia's actions. meanwhile, the ukrainian prime minister cited escalating tensions with russia >> russian military aircraft. today, at 9:00 crossed and violated ukrainian airspace for 7 times. it's clear that russian aggression has -- is aimed to undermine the global security and global stability to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> in an effort to calm things down, moscow is promising to help win the release of european monitors being helped captive by pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. more right there near the russian border. >> ukraine's intelligence services says one of the hostages or prisoners, if you like, held by the russian gunmen in the town of slovyansk is in urgent need of medical attention. the russians have said that they will work for the release of this osce delegation, which is potentially good news. for ordinary people here in eastern ukraine, for all of the tensions, life does go on pretty much as normal on a very beautiful spring day. weddi
>>> fresh fears this morning of an imminent invasion of ukraine with allegations that russia violated the country's air space overnight. >> president obama in malaysia this morning. but his visit comes exactly 50 days after flight 370 vanished. >> the nra takes center stage in indianapolis firing back at critics and bringing out the gop's big guns. >>> and get ready to see a lot more of this. the national weather service warning a violent weekend is ahead. >>> take a nice deep breath. i'm victor blackwell. >> we do have breaking news we need to tell you about this hour. the crisis in ukraine, it is intensifying by the hour it seems. the country's prime minister accusi accusing russia of crossing air space multiple time sfwls they are ready to release a round of additional sanctions. we're live in the ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you're saying, the situation here does grow more tense by the moment. the government in kiev continues to say they are launching what they're calling their anti-terrorism operation. just an indication of how chaotic the situation is,
russia, with tough, new sanctions. but the question, is it enough to get them to back down from the ukraine border? things are really intensifying there. >> and the dialogue between obama and putin going on this morning. >>> and later, addicted to fire. we're going to go on the job with adrenaline junkies who do one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. in one of the toughest neighborhoods in america. what motivates these men to repeatedly risk their lives? >>> we want to start this morning with the severe weather. and what has been an unusually quiet tornado season changed radically and violently overnight. and now, there's a big, new system moving in, with 23 states in the crosshairs. our coverage begins this morning, with diane wilson from our affiliate, wtvd. she's in fake forest, north carolina, right now. diane, good morning. >> reporter: dan, several injuries reported due to these storms. fortunately, no deaths. but today, crews will be cleaning up, after strong winds, heavy rains, even hail, caused this widespread damage. >> it's on the ground. look how wide it is. >> rep
to agree to impose new sanctions against russia. and the world of soccer mourns after former barcelona coach, tito villanova dies of throat cancer at the age of 45. >> we begin in ukraine, where pro-russian separatists in the eastern city are still holding a group of international observers, calling them prisoners of war. the group, which includes four germans, is in the city to monitor the situation there on behalf of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. now, for his part, german foreign minister has called on his russian counterpart to do everything in his power to secure the release of the osce mission members. >> this is where the team of osce observers is set to be, inside the security headquarters, which is currently occupied by armed separatists. the team of 13 includes three german shoulders and an interpreter. berlin wants their immediate release. >> for us, it was important that we could at least inform the families based on eyewitness reports that so far they have been detained without violence. no shots were fired. the german government is using all dipl
. the decision to hit key sectors of russia's economy like energy and banking remains on hold. >> the europeans and the united states have been consistent in calibrating sanctions that could provide a deterrent to the russians providing support to the ukrainians leaving open a path for resolving this problem diplomatically. >> reporter: but the president also rejected the notion he has other options in ukraine. >> we seem to have gotten into the habit of thinking that when there are hard foreign policy problems, that there may actually be a definitive answer. typically those who offer that definitive answer come up with the use of force as the definitive answer. >> reporter: mr. obama said as president and as a student of history he's skeptical of military force generally and particularly in ukraine. even though white house officials concede economic sanctions have so far failed in ukraine and the threat of more may not save that fragile country. for "cbs this morning saturday," major garrett, seoul, south korea. >>> this weekend, russian troops are conducting exercises
russia. >>> plus, the path to saint hood. hundreds of thousands flock to roam for the canonization of not one, but two popes. >>> on high alert - weather services warning people of violent storms. [ singing ] >>> and shakespeare at 450 years old. we honour the most recognised playwright in history. >>> good morning to you. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york city. the rhetoric in the ukrainian crisis stepped up a notch with bold declarations made by kiev lawmakers. the ukrainian prime minister accused moscow of wanting to start world war iii echoed by the deputy foreign minister at the united nations. >> do you fear that the russians are on the verge of an invasion? >> yes, we have the information that we are in danger. that's why we call upon russian authorities to explain for what reasons they keep so many troops along our borders. >>> but those allegations have done little to slow down russian military drills along the border, prompting u.s. and e.u. officials to impose more sanctions against moscow. mike vick aira is travelling with president obam
. >>> as clashes heat up in ukrai ukraine, world leaders move to impose new sanctions on russia. coming up, we'll bring you a live report from eastern ukraine. stay with us here on cnn. jooushgsz if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. . >>>. the worsening crisis in ukraine. leaders of g-7 nations say additional sanctions against russia will be imposed. a senior obama administration official tells cnn that new u.s. sanctions could come as early as monday. we're told new western sanctions could be on individuals, not on president vladimir putin himself. what's happening in eastern ukraine? let's bring in arwa damon joining us from the east part of the country. one thing i'm wondering, with all of the deadly clashes we've seen there over the past week and diplomatic threats of sanctions, can y
military moves prompted a new blast today from russia's foreign minister, sergei lavrov in moscow. >> ( translated ): some 160 tanks and some 250 armored personnel carriers and other heavy military hardware, are waging a war with their own people. this is a bloody crime, and those who pushed the army to do that will pay, i am sure, and >> woodruff: russian forces were on the move, as well, in maneuvers. ukrainian officials claimed they had come within 1,100 yards of the border. and acting prime minister arseny yatsenyuk sounded an alarm. >> ( translated ): military aggression by russia on ukraine's territory will lead to military conflict in europe. the world has not yet forgotten world war ii, but russia already wants to start world war iii. >> woodruff: last night, secretary of state john kerry had accused moscow of fomenting trouble in ukraine, in direct violation of last week's agreement in geneva. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake >> woodruff: but russia's lavrov rejected the criticism today. he insist
to start world war iii and russia refuses to back up from the border. here's jonathan karl. he asked president obama if america's economic pressure is working. john? >> reporter: good evening, diane. president obama told me bluntly today that "president putin is not a stupid man" and that sanctions are hurting russia and putin knows it. this is getting personal. i asked the president about putin's recent response to a question about whether he thought obama would save him if he were drowning. president putin was asked that if he were drowning, would you save him? and said he thought you would save him. so i'm just wondering, was he correct on that? >> i absolutely would save mr. putin if he were drowning. i'd like to think that if anybody is out there drowning, i'm going to save him. >> reporter: president obama hasn't spoken to putin in over a week, but he did speak to european leaders last night about another round of sanctions, and we're told they are coming in soon, probably before the president returns to washington next week. diane? >> jonathan karl traveling with the president
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